EdDroid is a site for enthusiasts using Andriod devices in education. It is hoped that those using Andriod in schools will build a community of sharing and best practices.

Despite the logo, we are not haters of Apple or Windows or any other brand of OS or hardware. We welcome the sharing and input of anyone who knows something that will make education better. We want to focus on learning. Haters of any kind are not welcome to post. We're going to keep things positive here.

About Me: CPSiegmann 

In 2022 About Me will read as follows ...

An Educator for 30 years and an Instructional Technologist at [institution name goes here] for 10 years, I have worked with numerous schools helping them implement Android, Linux, open source, free and [future technology] solutions for their educational technology needs.  In 2019 I led the way in helping educational computing change from [name your technology here] to [future technology] ushering in the next generation of instruction and learning with technology. I consult and am available for conferences, workshops and contract.

Jan 2012